8 Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends The Weakest in the Late ML Game!

Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that always presents many heroes every month. No exception to the marksman hero, currently there are 16 marksman heroes in Mobile, ranging from the strongest to the weakest. Now in the late game, marksman is very identical to be very strong. But there are also tablets, the weakest marksman hero order during the late game in Mobile Legends.

Marksman is one of the roles in Mobile Legends, the ability of this one hero is very good because he is able to dominate the match when the late game arrives. But unfortunately, in the early game the marksman type of hero was bad enough to require a hero tank cover very badly. But there are also marksman heroes who are strong in the early game but weak in the late game like the following heroes.

On this occasion we will provide a row of marksman heroes who are weak during the late game, but very strong in the early game. To find out the list of heroes, here we provide a list of weak marksman heroes in the late game Mobile Legends.


The weak marksman hero in the late game is Roger. Roger is a marksman hybrid fighter hero which has a high advantage in the early game. This one hero is arguably very good, even Roger himself at level 2 has enough ability to rush in Mobile Legends.

Even so, Roger is currently often used as a hyper carry hero, but unfortunately Roger’s ability will get weaker if he goes to the late game. Roger will be more mellow and for those of you who are Roger users, you should not wait for the late game to arrive, especially if the enemy has a strong late game hero.


Next there is the hero Kimmy who is a marksman hero with a unique ability who has two analogues at once. Kimmy is a marksman mage hero who has high magic damage in the early game. This ability is often used by Kimmy to face opponents at the beginning of the game.

Even so, usually heroes who are very sick in the early game are not that scary and are weaker examples in the late game. This marksman hero will be easily defeated by other late game marksman types such as Hanabi or Moskov.


Next there is the Granger hero who is a marksman hero in Mobile Legends. Granger’s ability is indeed very deadly during the early game to mid game, most Granger users certainly want to finish the match as quickly as possible before heading to the late game.

The reason is, of course, because this marksman is a weak hero in the late game. Unlike other marksman heroes who are very spicy, Granger tends to be easily defeated and countered when the late game arrives. At the same level as other marksman, Granger will lose if he faces one on one against heroes like Moskov or other marksman heroes with lifesteal abilities.

Popol & Kupa

Next there is Popol & Kupa. A fairly new marksman hero in Mobile Legends. Hero one is quite good if used as support. Even so, Popol and kupa are also often used and even become tanks in meta hyper carry.

If you use the Popol & Kupa build tank, it will get stronger in the late game, but it’s different if you use build damage where this one hero is very good in the early game but quite weak in the late game.


Next there is the Karrie hero who is a marksman hero with high attack speed abilities. Karrie herself is a very good true damage specialist, she can give true damage every 6 times her basic attack.

Karrie’s ability will be very good during the early game, to the mid game. Even so, this one hero is also quite strong in the late game. But when compared to other heroes like Hanabi or Moskov, in the late game Karrie will be quite easy to get a comeback.


Wanwan is a marksman hero who is very agile in Mobile Legends. This one hero is very deadly in the early game to mid game, but it is quite a shame that his lifesteal ability and attack speed are also inferior to other marksman heroes, making him weak in the late game.

Wanwan herself relies heavily on her ultimate and true damage. Which of these abilities is obtained from items that are very well combined with female skills. Besides ultimate Wanwan also has a weakness which can only be active with certain tricks.


Next, there is the Clint hero who is an underrated marksman in Mobile Legends. Even though Clint is quite deadly in the late game, his ability is not comparable to other marksman heroes. Clint has recently gotten a nerf whose ultimate ability now has a shot limit.

In fact, if you know, even though Clint doesn’t have his ultimate skill limit, this one hero will be very difficult to compete in Mobile Legends. With this nerf, Clint becomes a hero that you won’t even meet in the current ranked season 17 in Mobile Legends.

Yi Sun Shin

Finally, there is Yi Sun Shin, who is a pretty tough marksman hero in Mobile Legends. Yi Sun Shin himself is a marksman that is included in the current meta list of Mobile Legends, but his abilities are only good enough in the early game to mid game.

During the Late Game, this one hero will lose to other late game heroes, such as Hanabi, or Moskov, which Yi Sun Shin will have quite a hard time fighting some of these heroes in the late game.

So that’s all the marksman heroes are weak when they enter the late game in Mobile Legends. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

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