8 New and Old ML Heroes Often Banned Season 16 of Mobile Legends

The list of Banned Heroes in the Mobile Legends Game will certainly change every season. Several heroes who have annoying skills and high damage are usually included in this list. Now in season 16 this time, there are 8 new and old ML heroes that are often banned from Season 16 of Mobile Legends.

The Banned Hero system will appear when you have reached the Epic rank. In season 15 before, only 4 heroes were the hero options that you would ban. But in season 16, now you need to ban 6 heroes at once like in mytic rank. That means each team must prepare 3 heroes to be banned.

On this occasion, we will discuss some of the top banned heroes or heroes who often get banned in season 16 of Mobile Legends. Now for those of you who are curious, here are the rows.

New And Old ML Heroes Are Often Banned Season 16 Mobile Legends

This time, a new and old hero line that has become a subscription is banned in the Mobile Legends game. Then what is the list of heroes that are often banned by ML players in Season 16 this time? following the list.


8 New and Old ML Heroes Often Banned Season 16 of Mobile Legends

Atlas is the newest Tank hero present in Mobile Legends. It is a tradition if a new hero must have annoying skills. Even as a Tank, Atlas has high and very thick damage. Therefore, the atlas is included in the banned list.

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8 New and Old ML Heroes Often Banned Season 16 of Mobile Legends

Still a tank hero who is often the victim of being banned. Kufra has annoying crowd control skills. Just like atlas, Kufra also has quite high damage as a tank. But what must be anticipated by this one hero who can count all heroes at once.

Ling: Hero Often Banned Season 16

8 New and Old ML Heroes Often Banned Season 16 of Mobile Legends

Ling is an assassin hero who must be banned. How come. This one hero can roam quickly without being touched. He can climb walls and attack at will.

In addition, Ling has high damage and is quite over immune when in the late game.

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Who says nana is useless? In Season 16 this time Nana gets a buff so that she is even more annoying when played. Besides being able to curse enemies into rabbits, Nana’s skills are also sicker in general.


Hero ML OP Great Damage Season 15 Mobile Legends

Since the arrival of the new battle spell flame shot. The spell was successfully used by Pharsa. This mage hero has the ultimate attack with the widest range. is sick and has a fast cooldown.

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It has become a common thing that this one hero must be banned in Mobile Legends. Cecilion has a brutal attack with very high damage mentally. This one hero is highly anticipated at the beginning of the game.


Hero for Counter Gusion in the Latest Mobile Legends!

Gusin was included in the banned list at the start of season 16 yesterday. So this hero is still on the same list in season 16.

Gusion is a hybrid mage assassin hero who has very high damage skills. As an assassin, of course Gusion has a very fast killing skill.

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Wan Wan: Hero is Often Banned Season 16

Hero Mobile legends Are Often Banned

Previously, Wan Wan was often banned from Ranked Mytic and above. Now with the system changes in the current epic. Apparently Wan Wan is even in the Banned system on Epic. This hero marskman is very agile and has high burst damage in Mobile Legends.

So, those are the top 8 banned heroes in Mobile Legends Season 16 at the moment. Among the list of heroes above, surely many of your favorite heroes have entered, huh?

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