9 ML Skins That Get Revamped in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the best new MOBA games that you can play right now. To make it even more exciting, Moonton always presents various latest updates, not only revamp heroes, there are several Revamp skins which make the Mobile Legends game even cooler.

There are quite a lot of revamp and remodeled skins in Mobile Legends, especially in the first Next Pharse Project, which is safe besides presenting a row of revamp heroes in Mobile Legends, you will also see a row of skins that get revamped and remodeled like the following skins.

On this occasion we will provide a list of skins that get revamped and remodeled, there is Project Next which will be released on September 22, 2020. Of course, the presence of various updates this time will make the Mobile Legends game even more exciting.

Skins that get revamped in Mobile Legends

Quite a few skins get revamped in Mobile Legends, some of which are Epic and Legends skins with cooler 3D animations. All of these revamp skin updates will be released in the next first part of Project Next.

Miya – Modena Butterfly

The skin that gets the first revamp is a hero skin for Miya – Modena Butterfly, this skin that belongs to the Legends caste gets a revamp along with her revamp hero. The Modena Butterfly skin does have an animation that is fairly normal, starting from the background effect of this skin, it doesn’t get any changes.

But this time Moonton really changed this Legends skin to Worth it to get, starting from the background, 3D animation and even cooler effects when in gameplay.

Saber – Codename Strom

There is something different from the latest Saber skin this time, which in this Saber Legends skin has been released long enough so that it doesn’t get background effects, along with cool animations.

But in the latest update, Saber will get a revamp which will display 3d animation and even cooler backgrounds. The effect of different and cooler skills, the coolest thing is to use this skin legends, you don’t walk. Saber will fight by flying like the hero Eudora. Interesting right?

Alucard – Child of The Fall

Next, there is a skin for the Alucard hero for his limited Epic skin. It is a skin that is quite long, this skin does not have a cool animation at all, but in the latest revamp update, this skin has become even more epic.

Every attack from the basic attack and also skills will produce a black effect, and when using the ultimate there are black feathers, and the background that is now updated is even cooler.

Eudora – Emerald Enchantress

The next skin that gets a revamp in the next project is the Eudora Epic skin which was previously obtained from the Lucky Box Mobile Legends event. This skin is called Emerald Echantress which comes with a cooler look again.

Because it is quite outdated, this skin does not have 3D animation and other cool effects. But in the latest update, there will be additional lightning effects, backgrounds, cool black cloud effects when Eudora releases its ultimate.

Zilong – Glorious General

You could say Zilong Glorious General’s epic skin is the first epic skin released in Mobile Legends, which the writer still remembers when this skin was released during season 2 or season 3 when the new writer was actively playing Mobile Legends.

Glorious General gets a total Remodel, with a dragon effect on skill two which is cool, and the Ultimate skill has a dragon logo around the ziling when activated, with this Revamp, Zilong’s skin will be even cooler.

Chou – Dragon Boy

Next there is the Chou Dragon Boy skin which gets the latest revamp in the Mobile Legends update. This revamp skin brings even cooler effects and additional skills.

In the revamp, you will find additional 3D effects and animated background skin Chou, and there are also skill effects that are much different from before which are cooler. Every time Chou uses the first skill, there will be a dragon cloud animation effect that is characteristic of the Kimetsu no Yaiba anime. Isn’t that cool?

Alice – Wizardry Teacher

Next is the Alice Epic skin which you can get at the Lucky Box event first. This skin gets revamped on background animation and gets other cool effects.

You can see the ultimate change that is cooler, as well as the character Alice who is now holding a book and not before, it shows that she is a teacher.

Roger – Dr. Beast

The next one who gets a revamp is a special hallowen skin for Roger, a better model appearance and a color that is now dominated by green like the liquid behind it.

There are also changes to differences in basic attack, skill one, dau and ultimate skills which now look cooler. Of course, those of you who already got Dr Beast’s skin at the Lucky Box event first, will not regret it after getting an update on the skin.

Alucard – Osidian Blade

Finally, there is a skin for Alucard’s hero, Osidian Blade, where this latest skin gets a new, cooler ultimate skill effect. But it is quite unfortunate that the revamp is only for the ultimate skill which is improved.

This is indeed quite natural, because the Legends skin hero himself has got a cool animation, starting from the recall effect, respawn and the effect of his skills.

Now that’s all the skins that get a revamp in the latest Mobile Legends update. The leak, all these updates will be released on September 22, 2020. Hopefully this is useful and don’t forget to follow @ esports.ku for other interesting information.