9 PUBG Players Have the Biggest Income!

As we know PUBG is a battle royale game released in 2017. This game is very much enjoyed by other players. Especially when it was first released, PUBG managed to get a place in the top position as a game that is in demand by gamers on Steam.

In addition, when PUBG launched its game on a smartphone. It hasn’t been long since the launch of the game with the battle royal genre. This game can be ranked at the top in terms of the most downloaded games on the Playstore and App Store.

Because the demand is very high in PUBG games, both PC and Mobile. There are also tournaments mushrooming about this one battle royale game. You can make money too by playing PUBG.

On this occasion, we will provide information about the income of the biggest PUBG Mobile players in the world today. Having fantastic results by just playing games is certainly the dream of gamers around the world.

PUBG players have the greatest income

There are some people who can make fantastic amounts of money just by playing this PUBG game. Here are 9 PUBG players who have the highest income!

For the players who dominate as the players who have the biggest income are still in the ASIA region. There are 4 players who come from South Korea with the biggest achievement.

Furthermore, from China which contributed 4 people, it was also the biggest income player. Meanwhile, from the European region, Sweden, to be precise, is only one with the name David Tillberg.

We have an infographic about the biggest earning players in the PUBG Mobile game, which was launched from Acmarket.biz

PUBG Player Infographics

So that’s the list of players who get the biggest income by playing the PUBG Mobile game only. Are you interested in following his career? Don’t forget to follow our official Instagram on Esportsku (@ esports.ku) for more interesting information about the PUBG Mobile game and other recent games.