A Brief Analysis of the I Do Not Sleep Strategy, Champion of MSC 2017!

The 2017 MSC Southeast Asia Tournament officially ended last Sunday, September 3 2017, and the squad I Do Not Sleep from Thailand managed to come out as the winner and brought a prize of 50,000 USD or the equivalent of 660 million Rupiah.

MSC 2017 is a Southeast Asian scale tournament for the Mobile Legends moba game, for 3 days competing at Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta, the IDNS team managed to beat all squads from other Southeast Asian countries even though they had to compete far from their “cage” in the White Elephant Country there. But the question is, how can IDNS be able to dominate the tournament? What is the unique IDNS style of play of the other teams?

Let’s pay attention, it’s very interesting to review this IDNS squad. From team composition to fighting style, they have succeeded in setting a new standard for team war in Mobile Legends.

The team consisting of IDNS Ampzy, IDNS Framezy, IDNS Fairzy, IDNS Izy and IDNS May stole the attention when carrying out the first final game. Where they use 2 tanks, 1 support, 1 mage, and 1 marksman. Maybe some of us feel there is nothing strange about the draft pick above, but let’s dig deeper.

Using Lolita (IDNS Ampzy) and Minotour (IDNS Fairzy) as a tank as well as support certainly makes the opposing team need extra time and effort to stop the 2 heroes, coupled with Estes (IDNS May) who plays pretty well so the opposing team will waste time if she insists. war with these three heroes. Indeed, team movement will be slow, but remember, IDNS uses a 1 – 4 formation. In other words, movement can be slow, as long as it succeeds in war & knocks down the opponent’s turret.

What is no less interesting here is that they use Yi Sun Shin as a marksman. Yes, this “forgotten” marksman was their choice for the final! Extraordinary. Operating in the midlane, YSS can play a role when the team war and keep doing the push mid at the same time and has proven to be very effective.

And the last one is Karina. The only damage dealer on this team benefited greatly from the 3 supports used by his teammates. Karina is known to have thin blood, in fact there is no doubt to “slaughter” and destroy the opponent’s turets.

If we observe, the following is the team war combo from IDNS which was very effective in the 2nd Final Game:

1. Minotour open war uses its ultimate for war initiation,
2. Followed by Lolita with the ultimate,
3. Then Estes uses skill 2 so that the opponent doesn’t run away,
4. YSS did the ultimate which made the opponent’s blood decrease and damaged the opponent’s formation
5. Karina as the cold executor slashes the opponent mercilessly.

Seeing the combos above that are always used successfully, your opponent only has 2 choices, namely to keep fighting with thin HP and the risk of being killed by Karina & YSS, or returning to base and giving up their turret.

It may seem simple, but without communication between players, this combo that will lead IDNS to become champions will be difficult. And my prediction is that the 1-4 formation will be applied by other teams considering it is very effective to finish the game quickly.

Once again, congratulations to IDNS. Keep going Mobile Legends!

IDNS players’ celebration after receiving the MSC 2017 trophy