A CS Pro Match: GO Held in the Air

An unnatural thing happened in a friendly match between Penta Esports and eXtatus. Where ROG as the organizer took them to compete at an altitude of 30 feet.

It sounds amazing, but in fact the players from both teams look not as comfortable as playing on land.

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This event is part of ROG Extreme Gaming which has entered its sixth season. This event is arguably one of the unique esports events considering that in each season, the committee will choose a unique place to hold this event.

At the end of the event, eXtatus managed to finish the game faster. Of the 5 games that were planned, it turned out that the team from the Czech Republic managed to win 3-0 over the team from Germany. And with these results, eXtatus brought a cash prize of Rp. 28.5 million and Penta Esports got the remaining Rp. 14.25 million.