A DOTA 2 team doesn’t want to pay for the analyst’s accommodation, who is it?

A tweet came from a Noxville person who is quite influential in the world of DOTA 2.Noxville himself is a statsman who has often attended DOTA 2 events from Valve as well as events from third parties.

In a tweet, Noxville made a tweet about how a team was unwilling to pay accommodation for its analysts. With language that seems offensive, many of his followers are hooked on to reply to the tweet.

However, he admits that his tweet is just a person’s words that he hears is not the content of his thoughts. It’s just that, there are people who have guessed which team is meant.

Like the reply tweet from @ EEFAN1234 who guessed whether the TNC team remembers because the only team that seems to have active analysts. Fortunately, analysts from the TNC team, Kips, immediately denied this.

Kips explained that TNC treated itself very well, and the team Noxville was referring to was not TNC. So who is the team in question?

Valve itself initially only provided accommodation for teams that competed as many as 6 slots, namely for 5 players and 1 coach. However, several complaints were present asking Valve to provide more slots so that managers and analysts also get accommodation. However, Valve only provides one additional slot, so there will only be 7 people to carry. This requires that a team must prepare its own accommodation for their analyst if any.

The International 2017 will start on August 7, 2017 in Seattle, United States.