A landslide win over Fnatic, Team Secret Wins DreamLeague Season 9!

After the event GESC Indonesia Minor ended last week, the Dota Pro Circuit continued with the Minor event DreamLeague Season 9 which is at Monster Energy DreamHack Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.

The eight teams that participated in the event were included Team Secret, Team Liquid, OG, Team Empire, Newbee, Fnatic, Immortals and paiN Gaming.

What’s interesting about this event are several trainers /coach who temporarily replace their permanent players, for example 7ckingMad which fills the empty slot on the OG roster after leaving Resolut1on of the team.


In addition, the Team Liquid coach, Heen, also take the place of the Miracle- for a while. The reason behind this has been explained by Team Liquid on post Their Twitter: Miracle – said to be taking a break from that hectic Dota Pro Circuit schedule – to get him ready for the 2018 Dota 2 Asia Championships, which will take place after DreamLeague.

However, Heen will not be playing as Carry, it’s the captain KuroKy, who usually plays as Support, will play as Carry for this event only. This certainly reminds us of the time when KuroKy played as Carry at the beginning of the formation of Team Secret. Do you still remember?

Back to the topic of DreamLeague, the 8 teams initially played in the Quarter Finals. However, the uniqueness of the 4 series played by all teams ended with a score of 2-0! With his defeat in the Quarter Finals, paiN Gaming, OG, Immortals and Team Empire had to go down to the Lower Bracket. Meanwhile, Team Liquid, Fnatic, Newbee and Team Secret have the right to advance to the Semi Final.

In that round, one of the fittest games was when Team Liquid met Fnatic in the third game. GH- who played Sand King so well even made casters Capitalist and Flash “Craze” moment live stream.

On the other hand, Team Secret managed to beat Newbee by a score of 2-0. What’s interesting about the series is, in the first game, YapzOr, sang Support plays the Terrorblade as Carry – and what’s more interesting is that Team Secret can actually win the game even when using Draft Unusual.

secret newbee dreamleague
Image Courtesy: Dotabuff

So, Team Liquid and Team Secret managed to continue their journey and against each other in the Winners’ Finals round.

On the same day, two teams namely paiN Gaming and Immortals had to collapse against OG and Team Empire respectively which caused them to be eliminated from the event. Then, OG had to meet with Newbee and Team Empire had to meet with Fnatic the next day.

Unfortunately, OG and Team Empire, which just won 1 series in the Lower Bracket, immediately lost in the next series and had to drop out of DreamLeague Season 9. As a result, Newbee and Fnatic have the right to advance to the next Lower Bracket round.

Their first game was intense. Sccc as Medusa bought a Divine Rapier however item it fell and was taken by Abed as a Phantom Lancer. The first game was secured by Fnatic.

However, in the second game, Fnatic lost against Newbee after 41 minutes then the third game was held. Fortunately, Fnatic managed to get back at Newbee and won the series 2-1. Then they have the right to advance to the Losers’ Finals.

Returning to the Winners’ Finals, Team Secret who met Team Liquid could win their first game in 27 minutes, thanks MidOne who played brilliantly with herohis is Tiny.

The same thing happened in the second game, Team Liquid had to collapse against Team Secret in another 27 minutes – this time because of YapzOr’s excellent performance using the Witch Doctor, with KDA 13-2-20!

The defeat of Team Liquid required him to go down to Loser’s Finals, again meeting Fnatic for the second time. But unlike the previous series, Fnatic managed to beat Team Liquid this time, with a score of 2-0. With this, Fnatic will meet Team Secret in the Grand Finals round.

Audiences expected an intense Grand Final series because, in that series, EternaLEnVy, Universe and pieliedie can play against their former teammates, Puppey.

Unfortunately, Team Secret led by Puppey proved that they were still stronger than Fnatic, even though the series closed with a score of 3-0. Team Secret won a landslide against Fnatic without losing a single game.

With the victory over Fnatic in the Grand Finals, Team Secret became the champion of DreamLeague Season 9 and took home a prize of $ 125,000 and 150 Dota Pro Circuit Points. Congrats, Team Secret!

In addition, the end of DreamLeague Season 9 marks the Dota Pro Circuit which is half way to The International 2018. 50% of DPC Points have been allocated to teams.

Edited by Jabez Elijah