A number of ROCK.Y and Ulrica players affected by tires for life in China

Not yet one drama, drama resurfaced in the martial world Dota 2 in China. Just got 2 teams, that is ROCK.Y and Ulrica who gets a life ban. This is due to their last match which was considered to have injured esports.

At the tournament Dota Professional League yesterday, both teams played in a match. Initially, it did not seem that there was anything out of the ordinary until the two teams were detected as cheating.

There are many strange things that are visible to the naked eye by parties MarsTV as the organizer of the Dota Professional League. Like when Disruptor, instead of killing the Elder Titan, instead ran towards the enemy tower until he finally died and was almost killed by the Elder Titan.

rock.y and ulrica tires in china rock.y and ulrica tires in china

That is just one of many other things that make this decision. Reported by the Weiboo MarsTV account, Life sentence directly leads to the two teams that are no longer allowed to play in the Dota Professional League and other tournaments organized by MarsTV.

Apart from that, 5 players also received the same fate. Come on and Hitagi from the ROCK.Y team as well fan, scorpio, too olos from the Ulrica team. A lifetime ban on play awaited him.

While the remaining 5 players, Gintoki, Meteor, as well Polaris from ROCK.Y and Aleyh and zy from Ulrica only got a 2 year ban. After that, they can participate again.

Not long ago, a drama also appeared on the Chinese Dota 2 scene. When Sylar defends VGJ.Storm tries to open up old wounds at The International 2017 when Ame from LGD Gaming insults BurNing in-game. Some time ago Sylar did the same thing to Ame which resulted in an exchange of insults.

Can you read the full story about the drama in the Drama Alert article? Sylar Revenge BurNing’s Revenge on Ame.

Edited by Jabez Elijah