A Tense Battle to Color the MPL Season 2 Bracket Arrangement!

After a long process in MPL Regular Season 2, now the 8 best teams that have passed are ready to compete for the crown of MPL Season 2 champions.

This time the MPL Season 2 event was held at the JX International Convention Exhibition in Surabaya.

Unlike the esports event that is often held in Jakarta, RevivalTV and Moonton as the organizers have reasons to hold it in Surabaya.

5 hero mobile legends mpl
Source: MPL Indonesia

Because esports does not only belong to ‘city’ people and also Surabaya has fanbase which is quite crowded in the game Mobile Legends. Then, with a promising prospect, it certainly needs to be seen how the team ranks will compete in the main event.

Following bracket MPL Season 2 which took place on 17-18 November 2018:

Source: MPL Indonesia – RevivalTV

MPL Indonesia Season 2 Analysis – Thrilling Stage

mpl grand finals season2
MPL Season 2 was held in Surabaya.

In responding to the champions’ matches, of course it would be good to respond to how the successful teams have strolled so far. MPL Regular Season 2 closed the match by eliminating 2 teams, namely BOOM Jr. and the Capcorn Team.

Yup, BOOM ID has brought 3 divisions Mobile Legends, and so far the most in Indonesia. At least there are BOOM ID, BOOM SG and BOOM Jr., but they must be eliminated in the round round robin.

Complete lineup of talents that will enliven MPL Season 2!

Likewise, the Capcorn Team, which has recently walked with rooster which is surprising. But they also had to be eliminated after failing to reach maximum points.

Source Mobile Legends

Two names that are very favorites are of course ONIC Esports and Aerowolf Roxy. Although on paper their opponents cannot be underestimated. But everyone agrees that these 2 teams are the best so far.

Dualism does occur, at least on the MPL stage every season. But make no mistake, there could be momentum like the King’s Slayer team (ex-TEAMnxl>) which won MPL Season 1 to become champions.

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The reason is, TEAMnxl> in MPL Season 1 is far from being favored, seeing the EVOS-RRQ duo become a support subscriber. But who would have thought they would be the best in the realm of MPL Season 1 at Taman Anggrek Mall.

LJ (second from right) won the MPL Season 1. Source: Mobile Legends Stream

King’s Slayer who won MPL Season 1 now plays under the banner of Aerowolf Roxy. However, one of the players, Watt, also strengthens his rival at ONIC Esports.

Then, if you look at the standings of the champions in MPL Season 2, it could be that the lower ranks have secured the title.

But it is not good if you continue to wish, because you can watch the 8 best Indonesian teams in MPL Season 2 at the JX International Convention Exhibition in Surabaya. Remember, take your time on 17-18 November 2018 and support your favorite team! #BreakYourLimit