acAp Leaves Aerowolf; Aerowolf Hiatus

Aerowolf, through its social media, has announced the temporary dismissal of the team bearing the wolf logo.

Aerowolf, an esports organization from Indonesia which currently has a team CS: GO said it will be on hiatus from esports scene Indonesia. Aerowolf has 5 talented young players, namely f0rsakeN, Historie, LurkZz, wnd, and acAp.

This news stems from the resignation of the Malaysian player, Ashraf “AcAp” Firdaus, due to his sick mother, Ashraf had to return to Malaysia and was forced to take it break from esports scene.

However, a day after AcAp’s departure, Aerowolf was through channel Youtubenya said goodbye… The organization said it was going on hiatus.

They will release Anlika “LurkZz” Putra Wahyoedi and Windi “Wnd” Halim. Meanwhile their coach, Andrew “Bali“Joseph decided to leave the team.

This news is of course very unfortunate for many parties. Some of the reasons are because the team has young talents with great potential but is also accompanied by veteran players, such as Bali and ACAP.

It was also explained that Jason “f0rsakeN“Susanto and Jose”Historie“Faith will remain in the team. This signified that they would return to the realm CS: GO Indonesia.

Aerowolf has made quite a number of achievements at a young age. They won first place in the ROG Masters Indonesia Qualifier # 2 and ESEA Open Asia Season 25.

The players from Aerowolf have a long history before being on the wolf team. For example LurkZz who was at Kanaya Gaming and TEAMnxl>. Historie and f0rsakeN are also former players from the Recca Project, which is the second team from the Recca Esports organization.

Windi “wnd” Halim is also a professional player of the CrossFire game, and has been on the XcN team. acAp is a senior player from JYP Gaming, previously named MVP Karnal. Andrew “bali” Joseph is a former player from XcN, and TitaNs from Singapore.

We had time to contact Jimmy Lie, as the Aerowolf Team Manager, via Facebook to ask about this news.

Jimmy also said that acAp’s departure was the first reason why Aerowolf decided to take a break. He admitted that it was difficult to find a substitute for acAp who served as IGL (In-Game Leader).

However, Jimmy also said that they will continue to be active in looking for substitutes to accompany the remaining Jason and Jose there.

Edited by Jabez Elijah