Acer Predator League 2019 has completed the Dota 2 and PUBG team ranks

The tournament presented by Acer, Predator League 2019 has entered its second season. If previously only held tournaments Dota 2 At that time, Geek Fam became the winner after defeating BOOM ID. This time too PUBG who also competed.

Source: Predator Gaming Indonesia

For Dota 2 a qualification will be held by bringing together 8 teams, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, and also Indonesia.

So far there are only qualifications that have just been held, namely Malaysia represented by Lotac, Thailand represented by Alpha Red, and India represented by Signify.

How for Indonesia? The team that attended was divided into pro qualifiers and iCafe qualifiers.

Source: Moobatv Indonesia

Here are 8 teams that competed in the qualifying Indonesia Predator League 2019 branch Dota 2:

  • Alter Ego
  • Rex Regum Qeon
  • PG.BarracX
  • EVOS Esports
  • Aura Esports
  • The Prime Esports
  • Hans Pro Gaming

The top four teams are the teams that have managed to qualify through the professional route, while on the other hand, they have to go through the iCafe qualifications throughout Indonesia.

Alter Ego again appeared surprising after successfully defeating RRQ which made them escape.

EVOS itself had to struggle a little extra after losing to the professional track that finally made it through to main event.

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The surprise came from Hans Pro Gaming who successfully escaped after defeating Team Capcorn which made them qualify for main event.

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Abhie Pratama who is also one of the HPG players admitted that at that time the toughest opponents in qualifying were PG.Godlike and Team Capcorn. “Teamwork and draft they are neat compared to the other teams, ”he said.

How to current opponents main event? “Of course, it is not easy for us and again there are 4 well-known teams that have passed the qualifications pro team. But we will do our best at the moment main event, “ he concluded.

Source: Moobatv Indonesia

Besides that qualification PUBG Indonesia brought together 16 teams that competed from iCafe throughout Indonesia. Later the winners of the qualifications will compete with 13 other countries from all Asia Pacific countries.

Several big names are also present in tournaments such as Aerowolf Team Seven which will later compete in PAI 2019 and Aerowolf Team Eight which contains former players Dota 2, Entruv who plays on that team.

Other big names such as the two teams from the Ghost Alliance namely PIF and Ayres, Alter Ego, and Victim Reality should not be underestimated.

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So, that was the list of the teams that will be present at main event Predator League 2019 qualifiers which will be held on January 25-27 2019 in Jakarta.

For teams that have won qualification, they will compete again in Thailand on February 15-17, 2019.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda