AcilioN is Contract-Free from Heroic, Targeting Big Teams?

Ex in-game leader from Heroic, Asger “AcilioN“Larsen has declared on Thursday (16/5/19) that he is free from the Heroic team contract. And now, he is open to the offer that wants to be submitted to him. Which means, AcilioN is still interested in playing in the professional realm CS: GO.

The veteran Danish player will soon be back in action on the international stage. (Source: HLTV)

This statement was first issued by AcilioN itself through its Twitter account.

“I have officially concluded my contract with Heroic, thank you for everything. I can’t wait to play with the team again, “. He also provided details to contact him about any offers he would like to send to play.

The player who was born in 1996 is arguably one of the veterans in the field CS: GO Denmark. He has started his professional career since 2014. Since then, he has played under major organizations. Just say it myXMG, Copenhagen Wolves, SK Gaming, Team Dignitas, and many more.

His career also did not stop in the Danish region. He had played under the American team Splyce, as well as the international team Imperial.

AcilioN was a former Machinegun co-star from Mongolia. (Source: HLTV)

He first joined the Heroic team in June 2018. At that time, he took the place of Ruben.RUBINOVillarroel Di Heroic, he became IGL which has been carried up to his last day in Heroic.

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With only 22 years of age, he will again try his luck in the professional realm CS: GO with his experience playing in the local Danish region as well as internationally.

Which team will manage AcilioN? Let’s wish him all the best for the career of this player whose real name is Asger Grunnet Larsen in the future!