Actoz Stars Red Successfully Becomes Champion at the 2019 PUBG Asia Invitational!

The first major tournament organized by PUBG Corporation, namely PUBG Asia Invitational 2019, has ended.

A total of 16 teams from all corners of Asia fought from 10-12 January 2019 at the Cotai Arena, Macau to win prizes that reached US $ 500,000 (around Rp. 7 billion).

The fight, which entirely uses FPP, is divided into 12 rounds divided over 3 days and uses Miramar and is followed by three rounds in Erangel every day.

pubg asia invitational
Source: PUBG.ID Official Fanpage

After a fierce battle, Actoz Stars Red which is a team from South Korea who managed to become the winner and managed to bring home US $ 250,000 (around Rp3.5 billion).

Actoz Stars Red’s journey to become a champion is not easy. On the first day, they only got one Chicken Dinner after the dominance of Luminous Stars from China who got three Chicken Dinners.

They just dominated on the second and third days, which managed to get 4 Chicken Dinner times. In total they got 110 points and a difference of 12 points from OGN Entus Force which is ranked second.

Source: PUBG.ID Official Fanpage

Indonesia itself sent two representatives to the tournament, namely Aerowolf Team Seven and Rex Regum Qeon which replaced Divine Esports due to visa issues.

Interestingly, the two Indonesian teams both used standin for the same reason, namely the age limit.

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Aerowolf Team Seven finally entered RDK which also Aerowolf Team One and RRQ players entered Mozarella who is also a RRQ.Endeavor Point Blank player.

Aerowolf Team Seven has to settle for being ranked 7. Even though it has the same points as Nova MS, but they are superior in terms of kill.

Meanwhile, RRQ is ranked 15 or one level above the lowest ranking in PAI 2019.

Top 8 of PAI 2019 Source: PUBG.ID Official Fanpage

Wawamania that too official caster Indonesia at PAI 2019 admits that the achievements of the two Indonesian teams have been maximal.

“Because the Korean and Chinese teams, aim at them specifically long range really hurts.

Besides that, RRQ and Moza may not have found chemistry with each other, “he said.

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He admitted that the two Indonesian teams had learned a valuable lesson, namely the experience gained during the tournament.

“Because this is a system with rules new, this time we will take a look at a more looking 2019 point kill compared winner winner chicken dinner,“He said.

RDK (Middle Rear) with Aerowolf Team Seven Source: PUBG.ID Official Fanpage

RDK which was also at that time became standin Aerowolf Team Seven admitted that they were not satisfied with the results obtained.

“Because we cannot bring Indonesia’s name to the podium, but we have done our best #IndoPride, “He said.

When compared to the Hong Kong PUBG World Invitational which he participated in together Aerowolf ADS who is currently Aerowolf Team One, he admits that it is heavier than PAI 2019.

“Because the tournament in HK, also attended by teams from North America and Europe who are always neat in terms of strategy and so on,” he said.

RDK itself admits changes to tournament regulations PUBG those who currently don’t prioritize staying as long as possible are even better. “Adrenaline is getting more motivated because we continue to fight,” he said.

There are still many tournaments PUBG which will be followed by the team PUBG in Indonesia.

Let’s continue to support the team’s struggle PUBG Indonesia to make Indonesia proud in the international arena. #IndoPride

Editor: Yubian A. Huda