Aerowolf Mobile Legends Is Really Great, They Are Again Champion in Garuda Cup 2018!

Garuda Cup 2018 presents from Tokopedia Voucher Game sponsored by ASUS ROG and Mineski Event Team as the organizer has completed the entire series of tournaments.

At the tournament Mobile Legends they, Aerowolf Mobile Legends managed to become the champion. Afrindo and friends still seem to be the scariest team in the competitive Mobile Legends arena in Indonesia.

Face to face with RRQ.O2 in their first match at the 2018 Garuda Cup Main Event, Aerowolf immediately hit Lemon and friends 2-0 (Bo3).

In the semifinals, Aerowolf again met the top team, EVOS Esports fronted by JessNoLimit, and Oura. However, Aerowolf Mobile Legends is indeed still too superior.

Image Courtesy: EVOS Esports

In the final round, 2 teams direct invite meet to fight for the title. Aerowolf Roxy meets the Louvre.

The lineups of Louvre players who were present at this tournament had all changed their roster, both compared to when they were MPL Indonesia Season 1 or IGC 2018.

At the Garuda Cup 2018, the Louvre is strengthened by the following players:

Image Courtesy: Aerowolf Pro Team

But this new roster does seem to prove they deserve it direct invite here. The reason is, they managed to provide such fierce resistance to Aerowolf Mobile Legends.

The third match in the final was very tense and dramatic. Even in the 30th minute, it’s still not clear who will win the match.

In the 37th minute, the Louvre broke into the Aerowolf headquarters together with Lord. However, this moment was also used by Afrindo and his friends to turn the situation around. The match ended bombastically in the 40th minute.

With this victory, Aerowolf who won first place has the right to bring home ‘compensation’ amounting to IDR 50 million. Meanwhile, the Louvre, who is in the runner-up position, gets an allowance of Rp IDR 25 million. Meanwhile, EVOS Esports and Revival ID who are in position 3-4 get consolation prizes of Rp. 7.5 million.

Image Courtesy: Aerowolf Pro Team

Interestingly, although many predicted that Aerowolf Roxy would win in its Mobile Legend tournament, the PUBG Aerowolf division which was also predicted to win failed.

Aerowolf, which is known to have 3 PUBG teams, failed to win the PUBG tournament at the 2018 Garuda Cup. Supernayr, who is arguably the best PUBG player in Indonesia or even in SEA, doesn’t even hear his roar here.

Image Courtesy: Aerowolf Pro Team

Maybe next time, we’ll invite Supernayr to talk about his experience.