Aerowolf Team Eight Ready to Represent Indonesia in PUBG Predator League 2019!

Besides Dota 2, Predator League 2019 also holds qualifiers for PUBG.

Indonesia itself also sent its representatives in this tournament and finally Aerowolf Team Eight success to be a winner.

Source: Predator Gaming Indonesia

The name Aerowolf is familiar on the scene PUBG Indonesia, apart from Team Eight, they also have two PUBG roster others namely Team One and Team Seven.

Aerowolf Team Eight itself contains Alex “Entruv“Prawira is known as a former player Dota 2 who had a career in America and starting at the end of 2017 moved paths to PUBG.

Source: Aerowolf Pro Team Fanpage

The team previously named Aerowolf Summit He already has various achievements such as the third winner of the 2018 Indonesia Esports Championships, the sixth winner of the 2018 Cooler Master Circle of Championships in Malaysia and the 14th place at the JIB PUBG SEA Championships in Thailand.

Their performance is still consistent with the winning titles of IPWC Season 2 and Season 4 which just ended January 23, 2019.

Even though it’s on folder first achieved by Victim Reality but Entruv and friends appeared dominant in eight consecutive maps.

Source: Aerowolf Pro Team Fanpage

Even until round 9, Aerowolf Team Eight successfully got three Chicken Dinners and never got out of the top 4. Unfortunately in round 10, they had to settle for being ranked 9.

However, these results have no effect because the points are far adrift of the second rank achieved by Ghost Alliance Ayres and Victim Reality in third place.

Their kill achievement is also very fantastic with a total of 67 kill until the last round which made their achievement very convincing.

aerowolf pubg predator league

During an interview with RevivalTV, Entruv admitted that he had targeted to become champions after their achievement at IPWC.

“For main event Predator League later, the opponents faced are of course very strong. So we have 2 weeks to prepare against them, “he said.

Arwanto “WawamaniaWhich is also PUBG caster when the 2019 Predator League admitted that he was not surprised at the achievement of the Aerowolf Team Eight champion. “Exercise and scrim between teams PUBG outside of Indo already paid off, “he said.

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He also commented on the absence of several teams PUBG well-known Indonesians in the 2019 Predator League such as RRQ.

“Even the Ghost Alliance and Aerowolf Team Seven duo for some reason the game was not as hot as usual.

For Victim Reality, the game was okay at the beginning of the round, but maybe because Game 1 is really an 8-round marathon so that’s how it is, “he said.

The 2019 Predator League will be attended by 16 PUBG teams from various countries in Asia Pacific such as Thailand, Australia, Macau, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, South Korea and Indonesia represented by Aerowolf Team Eight.

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