After 4 Months in a Competitive Realm, VGJ.Storm Roster was Disbanded

VGJ is a one-of-a-kind organization Vici Gaming in collaboration with Jeremy Lin. The organization holds two rosters for their Dota 2 division, viz VGJ.Storm based in North America and VGJ.Thunder based in China.

But after 4 months in the competitive realm, VGJ.Storm finally disbanded its roster on February 2, 2018 – just days before rooster lock.

The reason for the disbandment was given by their Team Director, Jack “KBBQ“Chen, it is because many times they failed to pass the qualifying rounds for the Minor and Major events. Then, the VGJ.Storm players had also held a meeting together, but each player chose to part with one another.

vgj storm results
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VGJ.Storm almost qualified for the Main Event several times from various events, but their path was always stopped by their defeat against other big North American teams such as OpTic Gaming, compLexity, and Immortals.

In fact, they only needed 1 more win to be able to play at The Bucharest Major. But what can I do, winning 2 in the qualifying round of the event means that they will not participate in the Main Event.

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In addition to their failure, VGJ.Storm has actually tasted victory in various events such as the World Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčArena 2017 North America Finals, when they managed to win the event. Then Midas Mode – North America, with the results as the 2nd winner and also in MDL Macau as the 9th winner.

Previously, VGJ.Storm also had a chance to go through a roster change. Ritsu, Ryoya, and Sneyking, the three of them left rooster the team and filled by BananaSlamJamma and monkeys-forever – vacates Midlaner position slots.

VGJ Storm Roster
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However, the change in roster was not enough to make VGJ.Storm the best and strongest team in the region.

VGJ.Storm’s final roster before its disbandment was:

But take it easy, according to their blog about this disbandment, VGJ.Storm will remain in the realm of esports and are looking for a new team to be part of their organization.

In addition, VGJ also has their Chinese roster, VGJ.Thunder, and lately their performance is indeed on the rise. VGJ.Thunder also recently announced that ddc will strengthen their roster, take the place Come on.

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