After a long wait, here is the new format of ESL One Hamburg 2017!

Less than 1 month away Dota 2 will soon hold the first Major tournament in the 2017/2018 season, Dota Pro Circuit namely ESL One Hamburg 2017. Last Wednesday (4/10) ESL finally released details about the tournament format, schedule, and also Qualifying Points Distribution and Prize Money Distribution.

Here are the details:

Tournament Schedule

The tournament will be held for 4 days, starting from Thursday to Sunday, 26-29 October 2017. Group Stage will be held on Thursday and Friday, stream starts at 15.00 German time or around 21.00 WIB.

For the format itself, 8 teams are divided into 2 groups consisting of 4 teams each, all matches are in Group Stage will be done with Best of 1. Elimination matches in each group to set aside 4 teams and the rest (4 Teams) will play on single elimination semifinal.

Eliminations start on the second day, the team with the worst record will meet at Elimination Match, and the losing team must be willing to leave first from Hamburg.

Main Event on Saturday and Sunday will be held at venue the main namely Barclaycard Arena. The stadium with a capacity of ~ 16,000 people will be the venue for the USD 1 Million prize and the first Major title.

Elimination for Group B will take place at main event and there will be a special fill event for Main Event as Cosplay Parade and much more content from ESL as the Major Organizer.

Prize Distribution

1 million dollars in total prize pool for ESL One Hamburg, with the following distribution:

  1. 1st $ 500,000
  2. 2nd $ 200,000
  3. 3rd-4th $ 100,000
  4. 5th-6th $ 40,000
  5. 7th-8th $ 10,000

Apart from Prize Money, other things that are up for grabs are Qualifying Points for The International 2018. In accordance with the agreement with Valve, Qualifying Pointsts This will be the player’s capital to earn Direct Invite to TI8, and these points will be awarded to individual players, not as a team.

Because ESL One Hamburg 2017 is a Major, then of course Qualifying Points which is distributed larger than the Minors. Qualifying Points will only be given to Top 4 Teams, with the distribution:

  1. 1st Place 750 Points
  2. 2nd Place 450 Points
  3. 3rd Place 150 Points
  4. 4th Place 150 Points

ESL One Hamburg is also predicted to be the last tournament to be played on Patch 7.07, because Dueling Fates an update is expected to appear next month. However, there are no details and confirmation in this matter from any party.

New System

The first Major at the Dota Pro Circuit could only be followed by 8 teams due to the impact of the slow information that emerged from Valve. ESL One Hamburg was planned long before the announcement of the Dota Pro Circuit change and before that it wasn’t a Major, but only premier tournament the usual.

From parties organizer, in this case ESL, stated that the impact of this delay in information was that the organizers had done it budgeting, planning venue and accommodation for 8 teams cannot simply increase the number of teams because it is not possible.

Also, because of this issue, the format of the previous Grand Finals Major Best of 5 Final forced can only be carried out in Best of 3 for Hamburg, and the main event was held with a single elimination bracket.

ESL recognizes this as one of the things to keep in mind at ESL One Hamburg and states that for the next Major, the teams participating in the Major can be 12 or even 16 teams.

Even though there are only 8 teams, of course the existing competitions will not lose considering the size of the things that are contested in this first Major, and the importance of building momentum for the 2017/2018 season.

So remember, 26-29 October 2017, 8 teams Dota 2 The best will compete to open the first Major of the season. Don’t forget to stay tuned for developments about the Majors and Minors this season on RevivalTV!

Edited by Jabez Elijah