After Paquito There is a New Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends (ML), This is the Look!

Mobile Legends will never stop bringing new heroes to the Mobile Legends game. After Paquito, there is another new fighter hero in Mobile Legends. Esportsku will give you a preview of the appearance for you.

Paquito was officially released to the Original Server on January 12 yesterday. This one hero is the prima donna for Mobile Legends gamers because he has excellent abilities in Mobile Legends.

Paquito is one of the favorite heroes for Mobile Legends players. Now after Paquito, Moonton is preparing another new fighter hero that will be released in the Mobile Legends game. Curious about this hero? This is how it looks!

New hero fighter again in Mobile Legends

This new hero is the hero number 106 which of course will be present after Beatrix’s hero in Mobile Legends is the 105th hero. It is said that this hero will become the newest hero fighter who will be present later in Mobile Legends.

Unfortunately it still doesn’t have an official name. But it already has a title as Shift Punisher. This nickname will be displayed next to the name of this newest fighter hero.

That means there will be about 4 new heroes that have not been released by Moonton, first there is Yve who is the 102nd hero, then Dactek who is the 104th hero. Followed by the hero Beatrix who is the 105th hero. And most recently this one fighter hero is the 105th hero.

Unfortunately there is no gameplay or skill display regarding this latest fighter hero. But certainly, this Hero will have a role fighter or maybe a Fighter / Mage (prediction) who will later be present in Mobile Legends.

If you guess at a glance, this new hero is quite similar to the hero Aldous, maybe they have something to do with Mobile Legends. Maybe Aldous’ relative or friend. It is very interesting to look forward to more information.

This hero, called the Shift Punisher, will have a weapon in the form of a very large iron ball in his right hand. This weapon reminds us of Akai’s bounce ball before the revamp.

Unfortunately there is still little information about this newest fighter hero. But one thing for sure, this hero is still coming to Mobile Legends for a very long time. You have to wait for the Yve, Dactek, new Hero Tank, and Beatrix heroes to come.

It is very interesting to look forward to the next information starting from the name of the hero, skills and gameplay of this new hero fighter. Make sure you always update the latest articles from Esportsku to get the next information.

Now that’s all about the leaks of the new fighter hero besides Paquito, who will be coming to the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who always update the latest articles about the Mobile Legends game!