After PB and COD Now RRQ Endeavor Moves to this Game!

After PB and COD Now RRQ Endeavor Moves to this Game! If you are a fan of the old school FPS game called Point Blank, surely you know a great team at that time called Endeavor.

A Point Blank professional team that was officially acquired by the RRQ team which is now named RRQ Endeavor decorated our days when we were playing Point Blank first.

We all still remember the greatness of the Endeavor players, one of which is the god AWP, Next Jack.

However, after a long time gracing the Point Blank scene in Indonesia, their careers began to decline.

Not because their poor performance has made their players’ careers decline, but because the Point Blank scene / game itself is not very popular with gamers in Indonesia.

The reason is because gamers in Indonesia prefer to play mobile games than PCs like Point Blank.

RRQ Endavor, RRQ Endavor Valorant

RRQ Endeavor also had to follow the development of games in Indonesia by moving to mobile games and having to leave Point Blank.

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Move to COD Mobile

They chose to move to the COD Mobile game which in 2019 was very enthusiastic.

However, the popularity of COD Mobile did not last long, it is evident that even now the COD Mobile name seems to have disappeared from the gaming industry in Indonesia.

Of course, to save his career and popularity, RRQ Endeavor has again moved to another game and hopes that they can be recognized by gamers like they used to be.

Move on to Valorant

But instead of moving to other FPS-themed mobile games such as COD Mobile, RRQ Endeavor has instead moved to the Valorant game.

The Valorant game itself is a PC game which incidentally has the same genre as Point Blank, CS: GO. and other FPS games.

But the question is, will their career at Valorant last a long time considering the game itself is less popular in Indonesia?

It is interesting that we are waiting for RRQ Endeavor’s presence in the eSports scene again! Don’t forget to keep visiting website us, to get the latest eSports news and follow our Facebook!