AGAIN! Astralists Have Health Problems

One of the best CS: GO teams, Astralist looks like he really has a bad luck. The reason is that the Danish team must be hit by health problems experienced by some of its players IEM Oakland 2017.

Come as a team direct invite Astralist had to lose one of their main players, Nicolai “Dev1ce” Reedtz due to health problems in the opener against Ninjas in Pajamas, and must be replaced by coach they are Danny “zonic“Sørensen. The match itself ended in a win for NiP with a score 16-11.

Astralist himself ultimately failed to qualify from the group phase after only finish in 4th place in group A with only 3 wins.

Even though gla1ve and friends are still scheduled to meet with their fans which is scheduled to be held on November 18-19. However, health problems again approached the team. Pain previously experienced by dev1ce relapses that forced him to go home early to do medical check-up and get more rest, followed by dupreeh who reportedly also wasn’t feeling well.

This is what makes Astralist send back the rest of the players along with their players who are sick.

Do not stop there, dev1ce those who are still in questioning are forced to defend themselves Astralist which still has the game remaining on line on ECS Season 4 – Europe and BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2017 which will be held 24-25 November.

This was forced to make Astralist must use services Pimp and also dennis which is currently still being reserved by GODSENT to strengthen them.

Pimp himself played quite well when defending Astralist by helping get 2 wins and only experiencing 1 top defeat NiP, this result makes Astralist success securing their position at ECS Season 4 Finals to come.