Again! ESL Will Give One Free Mercedes Benz For MVP at ESL One Katowice

Do you still remember how cool a Mercedes Benz car was with a custom mode that was tailored to the logos of the Dota 2 professional teams who were present at ESL One Hamburg, last October 2017.]-custom-mercedes-untuk-sall-tim/

Both ESL One Hamburg and ESL One Katowice, both have the status of Major, automatically prizepool and DPC points are certainly big. And don’t forget because of the collaboration with Mercedes Benz, ESL will again provide one new Mercedes Benz for free for the MVP at ESL One Katowice. This has been proven by the Virtus Pro “Solo” player who earned MVP status at ESL One Hamburg yesterday.

This information has been confirmed directly by ESL via a tweet on his official twitter account @ ESLDota2. They are proud to mention this momentum with the hashtag #MBmvp is back !. The system is no different from before, using a daily vote system. Where if you want to vote, you need a twitter account and vote through the following link.

But considering that ESL One Hamburg used to be attended by only 8 teams, while this time ESL One Katowice was joined by a total of 16 teams, eight of which got slots through Direct Invite. It will definitely make this tournament even more exciting, and it so happens that today the first match will start, you know, the groupstage round is in sight. For the schedule and linkstream you can see our previous article below.

Then the main question, will Virtus Pro return to win this tournament and bring home another Mercedes Benz? But looking at his super strong opponents, it seems like it will be quite difficult.