Again, the Next Seasonal Skin Reward Comes to Hero Tank!

Previously, there was speculation that this seasonal skin reward has its own pattern, and “he said” for the skin reward season 13 this should be a gift for the Assassin or Fighter class.

However, some time ago rumors began to circulate that the 13th seasonal skin reward was a skin Tanker, not an Assassin. But of course at that time it was still not possible to confirm the truth, because there was a lack of solid evidence so we couldn’t just take the information for granted.

Mobile Legends users currently expect the next season skin to be not a Tank class skin, because if we pay attention again from season 1 to season 12, we have got quite a number of seasonal skin tankers, starting from the Minotaur, Hilda and so on.

However, recently we have the latest leak which we think is more concrete because it has pictures too. The exclusive skin for the next season is the Tanker skin class, which is for the Hylos hero, here are the leaks we got from Instagram @ml_arkham

Instagram: @ml_arkham

The leak immediately surprised the players and disappointed many as well. The players complained, “why the tank again?”.

You can see, Hylos’ newest skin is called Jungle Watcher, where in this skin Hylos has a thicker natural feel, as if he is a great and respected forest ranger. What do you think?