AGES 2016 CS: GO in A Nutshell

Hello all! In this article, I will tell you about the Southeast Asian level event which has just been held in Malaysia, AGES 2016. DotA, FIFA 16, and CS: GO are games that are the main attraction for the event which lasted 3 days. But because I don’t know the DotA and FIFA 16 scenes in SEA (because I know it), I will discuss this event more from the CS: GO side.

The CS: GO team who came to this event were of course the team that had won the previous qualifier in their respective countries and usually played in the ESEA League such as Made in Thailand from Thailand (obviously), MVP Karnal from Malaysia, Signature Trust from Thailand, Mineski from the Philippines. , Team TitanS from Singapore, and of course there are TEAMnxl and Fortius Gaming from Indonesia.

The NXL team, which was reinforced with its newest ammunition, Bagas ‘Banteng’ Gunadi, was overwhelmed at the start of the tournament after losing to Signature, the team that beat them in ESEA Season 21 with a score of 10 – 16. to the lower bracket after being slaughtered by MiTH 5 – 16. MiTH continued its winning streak by producing an upset against another seeded team, Mineski with a narrow score of 16 – 14, while MVP Karnal whose bracket tended to be more difficult managed to stroll smoothly into the upper bracket grand final by beating Dreamscape , Signature, and finally beat MiTH who managed to beat Threats in the Semifinals. MiTH was kicked down to the lower bracket.

In the lower bracket, the second match brought together two Indonesian representatives, namely TEAMnxl and Fortius Gaming. Playing at Cache, Richard ‘frgd’ Permana’s clever play managed to destroy Fortius Gaming’s defenses on CT Side. With Banteng hitting nearly 70% headshot rate and Frosmisty’s streak, TEAMnxl was able to score a fantastic 14-1 at firsthalf. Surprisingly, the smell of gg that could already be smelled from the spectators’ seats just dispersed after Fortius was able to win 6 consecutive rounds, the crowd cheered for Fortius, who had almost been slaughtered and did not just give up. BnTeT’s consistent fragging was able to hold Fortius up to round 24 where finally TEAMnxl was able to close the match with a score of 16 – 8.

TEAMnxl was finally reunited with Signature Trust in the lower bracket semi-finals in the last match on the first day. Not wanting to experience a second defeat with the same team in 1 day is certainly an added motivation for the last Indonesian representatives in CS: GO. TEAMnxl looked set to win the match and advance to the grand finals when they managed to secure the points 14-14 at the T Side Mirage. Signature, which was forced to go eco in the 29th round, looks like it will find it difficult to stem the economic strength that TEAMnxl has after winning the previous round, until finally something surprising happens. The bull, who looked bloodthirsty, saw the waving of the red flag from Signature, immediately charged forward aggressively until TEAMnxl had to lose the Bull as well as the round. TEAMnxl also lost with a final score of 16-14.

In the next match, Signature Trust, which looked like it would beat MiTH, surprisingly lost by a score of 11-16. Made in Thailand, which was captained by the only female player, Sarindhorn ‘JinNy’ Wanothayarnchai managed to climb back into the upper bracket to meet the host representative, MVP Karnal. Excellent 1 map, MVP Karnal only needs 1 win to win the tournament, while MiTH must win 2 matches in a row to get the title. Playing with no weight, MVP Karnal was able to close the first half with a score of 13-2 in Cache. Not wanting to lose just like that, MiTH was able to get 6 points in the second half before MVP Karnal ended the match with a score of 16 – 8 and took home a prize of RM 133,300 or around Rp. 400,000,000. If caster was paid that much money, maybe I don’t need to be tired of writing articles like this now. HA HA HA.

MVP Karnal came out as the first winner in the CS: GO AGES 2016 tournament