Akke Has Become a Father! | RevivaLTV

Good news came from Joakim “AkkeAkterhall, a former Support player for Team Alliance, has just announced the birth of his first son, Illidan.

This must be a very historical day for Akke because he is now a father figure, but what’s interesting is the name Illidan given by Akke’s partner and his wife Louise W. Bummi, because the name Illiadn is taken from one of the heroes of the Warcraft and Dota 1 games.

The Dota 2 community and Akke fans immediately congratulated the birth of their first child, including Synderen and his teammates while at Alliance AdmiralBulldog.


This happy news marked the start Father Time for Akke who can be referred to as living legend Dota 2. Akke started his Dota 2 career in his country’s professional team eXperience Gaming in 2011, before joining the Alliance in 2013 to 2016. With Alliance, Akke Akke’s name skyrocketed in the competitive Dota 2 scene and is also one of the best suppport players in the world. .

Besides Akke, there is also Xiao8, a professional Dota 2 player who has just become a father. The former LGD.FY player who now plays for Newbee Boss is known to have had one child who was born on August 8.

Congratulations to Akke and Xiao8! Hopefully we can see Future Alliance members growing up and playing for TI 23, LUL.