All-round Gamers, Gamers Talkshow presented by RevivalTV and Nimo TV

One more exciting and unique event that is presented to the guests gamers in Indonesia, a new entertainment program for gamers gamers and esports lovers from the collaboration between Revival TV and Nimo TV.

The event, entitled Serbi Gamers (Exciting with Celebrities & Gamers), will present a number of famous figures in a talkshow, game tournaments, and other exciting activities.

In line with the development of games and esports in recent years, which have become bigger and become a kind of interesting entertainment.

Revival TV would like to introduce to people who still don’t know how exciting and exciting this growing industry is.

That’s why Revival TV is proud to present an All-round Gamers program!
All About Gamers is a live streaming project which aims to introduce or socialize the games and esports industry to the public.

This event also provides education that games are not always bad, because in fact games can also be an achievement and can make money.

When & What’s Exciting About All Gamers?

The event which takes place every day for one month will start from December 3 to December 30 2018.

This event will present talkshow about games and the industry, esports tournaments, mini games, challenge, and of course there will giveaway.

The talkshow will take place from Monday to Saturday at 19: 00-21: 00 WIB, while the game tournament will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 17: 00-20.00 WIB.

Well, for the mini games, challenge, and giveaway will be inserted on the sidelines of the event talkshow and tournaments.

The plan is that there will be different interesting themes every Sunday, for example, like the first Sunday there will be interesting themes around event community.

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There will be game tournaments that take place offline and some are held online on line, the games that will be competed include FIFA 19, Tekken 7, Mobile Legends, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, and Line: Let’s Get Rich.

Surely there will be many professional teams that will take part in the game tournament at this event, there will be many esports figures who will be brought in to fill the event. talkshow ,.

This event will be hosted by the host famous, Fahmi “Corned” and Oji “Golden Ranger”, and the host guests Shabrina and Jessyca.

Let’s watch the excitement of the show starting tomorrow live on Nimo TV and broadcast on the Youtube channel RevivalTV on the third day.

Edited by Yubian A. Huda