Alliance Announces Release of EGM | RevivaLTV

After failing to qualify for the Kiev Major and the underperformance of the StarLadder i-League Invitational 2, Alliance chose to release EGM, one of their supports.

Jerry Lundkvist or better known as EGM has joined the Alliance since the team was founded; including in the early days they were still named No Tidehunter. He has been in this team and won many titles such as finishing in first place at DreamHack Summer 2013, DreamLeague Season 1 and StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 1.And don’t forget that miraculous victory over Natus Vincere that earned them victories and trophies at TI3. .

And here is a statement from a Loda:

There is nothing to say other than the fact that the team did not go well with what we wanted and had to remove EGM from the team. As a group we get along very well, but our in-game synergy is not completely there. We were on the right track a few times but our failure to qualify for the Kiev major was a blow we did not really bounce back from. As a group we are doing well, but the synergy in the game is not really felt. We were on track on several occasions but our failure at the Kev Major was a blow but we didn’t get back up. A sign that we need to make changes, and with the synergy that has been there before together with 3 other players we want to step up to The International. We wish EGM all the best in the future. Being one of the founding players of the Alliance, he will remain our family and organization for as long as he wishes.

With this, Alliance’s current roster is:

  • Loda
  • Limmp
  • jonassomfan
  • Handsken