Alliance.Pablo, the player who only has 8 fingers!

Axel Källman, or better known by his nickname Pablo, is a Support for the Alliance Team. He just joined the team last May, and has had a huge impact on Alliance’s recent performance.

Alliance has just created a video profile for this player, where he shows that he actually only has 8 fingers!

“I’m sure there is no big difference, only 1 finger less on the keyboard.” This statement is an inspiration to many players out there who idolize Pablo because of his motivation to play despite having this condition.

Pablo’s playstyle is considered very aggressive, as said by Jonas “jonassomfan” Lindholm, “He is very aggressive, sometimes too aggressive. But I don’t see it as a bad thing, but rather a very good thing. “

Pablo pointed out that the intention to play was not that easily stopped by one’s incompetence. This spirit is what we should exemplify and make as inspiration for those of you who really want to enter the competitive world.