ALOHADANCE Admits Envy with B8, which is Always Invited by Dendi Thanks to the Tournament

One of the players Dota 2 from Ukraine, namely Ilya “ALOHADANCE” Korobkin was one of the players Dota 2 who loudly criticized the issues at Dota 2 especially in the region itself, namely the CIS.

Recently, players support from FlyToMoon, he strongly criticizes the organizers who conduct online tournaments, where the organizer always invites B8 Esports. According to him, B8 Esports was invited to the tournament only because of “one player”.

He also noted the unfair distribution of slots in the competition from WePlay! and ESL. This was revealed through ALOHADANCE’s Twitter channel, where ALOHADANCE replied to a tweet from a Twitter account @ yxo7.

“We played together for a month without a refurbishment, unlike B8 who changed players a few days ago. B8 is invited to all tournaments only because of one player + assistance from tournament workers from the same organizer.

“All the teams above… had poor results in the last period and we won [pertandingan melawan] them in private matches, they also changed players recently, unlike us, “wrote ALOHADANCE on Twitter.

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Many commented that the one player ALOHADANCE meant was the founder and captain of B8, namely Danil “DendiIshutin. It is felt that the organizers always invite B8 Esports which has Dendi to increase the number of spectators for their tournament.

Source: ESTNN

ALOHADANCE also added that he did not understand the logic of the tournament organizers regarding the distribution of slots for tournament participants. According to him FlyToMoon had more good results than some of the invited teams.

One of them is recently FlyToMoon managed to beat in the Parimatch League Season 2 tournament which was held online with a total cash prize of USD 93 thousand on March 27 to March 29 2020.

FlyToMoon beat with a score of 3-2 and are entitled to cash in the amount of USD 50 thousand. According to Revival’s friend, do you agree with ALOHANDACE’s argument that B8 Esports was invited only because of Dendi alone, causing jealousy from other teams?

Editor: Yubian Asfar