Amazon Returns to Work on Mobile Esports with Mobile Masters Tournament!

The giant e-commerce company from America, Amazon, recently announced to hold the Mobile Masters esports tournament again.

The successful tournament held in 2017 will bring mobile games to be competed by professional teams and players.

The tournament will be held on June 23-24 2018. Amazon will also host the tournament and broadcast it through a studio located in Seattle, United States.

Amazon itself has just launched a new application called GameOn on March 19, 2018.

GameOn itself is an application that provides convenience to hold cross competitions platform.

GameOn will later be used in the qualifying process for the games played in the tournament. Amazon also provides prizepool fantastic worth US $ 100,000 on the esports scene mobile the.

Marja Koopmans, Director of Amazon Competitive Gaming, also commented on the tournament announcement: “With cooperation between nWay and Game Insight, we realize that second developer these are looking for ways to develop their game, into a competitive game.

With GameOn, they are able to carry out the cross-region qualification process for Mobile Masters tournaments, identify the best players in multiple games, prize pool participants and form the best players. talent to build a closer community.

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We are challenged to realize the developer’s goal, to bring top players to the Mobile Masters event this summer. ” Koopmans said.

Amazon’s GameOn application. Source: Amazon GameOn

This cooperation also involves several developer games mobile such as nWay and Game Insight by presenting several games to the 2018 Mobile Masters event such as Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, Survival Arena, World of Tank Blitz and Critical Ops.

The first two games mentioned above start the qualifying round first which award the ticket to main event at the Mobile Masters event. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars will begin qualification on May 5-13 2018, meanwhile Survival Arena will hold its qualifications on May 14-21 2018.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars at the 2018 Mobile Masters tournament. Source: Amazon GameOn

The teams that will participate in the event will be officially announced at the end of May 2018.

Mobile Masters is indeed an interesting tournament, apart from helping the players developer games mobile to develop, in fact last year’s success, was able to bring this tournament back to rolling this year.

Amazon Mobile Masters Tournament 2017. Source: Amazon Website

In 2017 alone, Mobile Masters was filled by one of them mobile games genre Famous MOBA, Vainglory which is a game made by Super Evil Megacorp developer. Besides Vainglory, Summoner Wars and Hearthstone also included in the Mobile Masters 2017 section.

Edited by Jabez Elijah