AMD Event Wins by the Green Team

The event from AMDEsports which just ended yesterday, it turns out that there is an unthinkable moment behind this victory. EVOS as the team that managed to beat TP.NND in the grand final and then became the champion for the tournament, was the rival of the event owner, or we call it Team Green.

After losing to TP.NND, EVOS had to fight harder through the lower bracket. Successfully defeating CIAT then Kanaya and Five Lies, automatically made EVOS advance to the grand final round. Again meeting with TP.NND, EVOS managed to show his fangs and won the AMDESpots – Dota 2 Championship.

With this victory, EVOS managed to bring home a Trophy and a prize of Rp. 60,000,000. Meanwhile TP.NND in the runner-up position took home Rp. 25,000,000, – Five Lies – Third Place – Rp. 15,000,000.

EVOS – Champion
TP.NND – Runner Up
Five Lies – Third Place

EVOS, which is mentioned as Team Hijau here, means the sponsor which is owned by EVOS itself.

Image Source, EVOS Fanpage

It’s quite interesting to see a moment like this, where usually both parties are rivals.