An acquaintance plus a brief analysis of the Diggie Mobile Legends skill

Hello RevivaLTV friends!

Hey, who has heard the news that Mobile Legends will release 2 hero new in the near future? Even more surprising, role second hero the Mage. So that you are not too curious, let’s meet with one of them that has been released first, namely Diggie.

Diggie is not a digger like his name suggests, but he is a guardian of time. His appearance was neither human nor alien, but an owl. Hero this is quite cheap, you can buy it at 24000 Battle Points or 499 Diamonds (349 Diamonds for the first week).

Well, it’s been said that Diggie rarely (maybe never!) Returns to base loh, what do you think about it? Let us analyze skill-his.

Original Form Skill Set

Young Again (Passive)

This is here skill which made Diggie rarely come back to base. Every time he died, while waiting respawn he will still be able to walk around folder, but in the shape of an egg. He cannot be attacked in the form of this egg. Diggie also has skill different when he becomes this form, for skills will be discussed below.

Time Bomb (Skill 1)

Nuke skill plus crowd control this one deserves a thumbs up. Damage which are given skill this is quite large, which is 300 points. Other than that, skill it also has an effect slow and even stun if used optimally.

Reverse Time (Skill 2)

As the name implies, skill it can reverse time by pulling back hero enemy to where he was 3 seconds earlier. Because of its nature AoE (Area of ​​Effect), skill it’s suitable to be combined with skills AoE from hero others like Aurora, Odette, etc.

Time Journey (Ultimate)

Skill Time Journey this is what makes Diggie hero support true. Skill it is very suitable for use in teamfight because it delivers shield for 5 seconds. For 2.5 seconds you will also be immune to crowd control skill you know. Remember, try all teammate you are affected by skill this is as long as teamfight!

Let’s check it Hero Academy about Diggie to broaden your horizons about Diggie here.

Skill in the form of an egg!

Design (Skill 1)

When using skill At this point, Diggie will look grumpy and smoke. Skill this gives a little damage.

Egg Dance (Skill 2)

Diggie will spin around and round it will produce a little damage. Wow, like Balmond just little yes!

Victory Prayers (Ultimate / Skill 3)

Diggie would roll around and beg base the enemy exploded instantly. Skill it’s really just a troll skill for not giving damage or crowd control at all.


As explained above, skill 1 and 2 in the egg form do not give damage which is too meaningful. But that doesn’t mean skills This is useless buddy, you can use it to interfere regen and recall enemy or just lasthit minion.

New Skin ..?

Because Mobile Legends always releases hero new at the same time skinher, this is it skin for Diggie, that is Pigeoneer! Skin this you can have for a price 269 Diamonds.


Therefore, hero support in Mobile Legends also increased by one. Hopefully with this addition, support role increasingly favored by Mobile Legends lovers. To all of you, I congratulate you on experimenting with this hero! So that you guys get excited, here is the video gameplay Diggie you can watch.