An Ice Cream Brand Sponsor An E-Sports Team

From Australia, news came. This time, Peter MAxibon, who is famous for his ice cream products, has just collaborated with a large team from the Australia-Oceania region, namely Avant Garde.

This is clearly something new in the world of e-Sports to see an ice cream brand emblazoned on a team jersey.

Avant Garde CEO said:
“We are very happy with this collaboration, as the first organization in ANZ (Australia-New Zealand) to get sponsorship with this kind of brand. Together, we want to show what the Oceania region can do in 2017!

Meanwhile, Alicia Munday, as Head of Marketing from Peters said:
“We are motivated to be a part of e-Sports in Australia which is growing. Maxibon has become a part of gamers which is their favorite snack. So this would be very good of course. Avant Garde is a wonderful partner, and Maxibon is proud to fulfill their desires with happiness in both the local and world scenes. “