An overview of OVERWATCH’s prizes and competitive system, the Golden Weapon, has appeared in Korea

Last week, the director of Overwatch ‘Jeff Kaplan‘talking about his Competitive mode in the first round and, the golden weapon rewards you can get from that competitive. Now, an image of this weapon’s prize has emerged from trials in Korea.

Kaplan specifically mention Reinhardt hammer in last week’s video, and you can check out many other Guns in the gallery below. It’s still not clear how you will be able to unlock this weapon, however we will keep you updated as more information is revealed.


You can view the rest of the weapons on MasterOverwatch, which got an image from a Korean website. While most players won’t be able to get this, they’ll be able to play to unlock weapons when Blizzard releases the competitive Overwatch system later this month.

Apart from the addition mode, Kaplan will also have new heroes and maps, including a “stunning map that is not totally finished”.

In related news, Blizzard has created an easier way to protect your account. The new authenticator allows you to grant access to your account by pressing one on your phone.