Anime Esports Is Real! This is the story!

Earlier this year, Screen Australia announced that there was a new round of funding in film productions, children’s TV and online shows. Uniquely, one of them is a local anime for esports, which still has something to do with AMD and Epic Games.

This one project is called Meta Runner, made by Glitch Production (this team is the team behind the SMG4 Youtube channel) has been developing this since 2017. This series will later come with the story of a cyborg named Tari in a city called Silica City with a competitor who competes in running racing and esports. Extraordinary!

According to Screen Australia itself, this will indeed be directly supported by Epic Games and AMD who are in charge of providing funding for this one series. Not only that, the Australis government itself still provided additional finance to make up for the shortfall.

Of course, this combination looks so strange. What is the relationship between anime and esports? However, for local producers, it is clear that this is good news and a proud development. Esports will clearly benefit from the presence of this one series.

It is interesting to wait, will this one series boom in the anime industry. And by bringing esports into it, will this anime series one become a world phenomenon?