Anticipating Facing Bocil Player Toxic Mobile Legends 2020

Mobile Legends is a popular game in Indonesia today. From junior high school children to the father of the child, yes, playing Mobile Legends. If only there are people who have never played this game, at least they have heard about this game.

The Mobile Legends game is like badminton in Indonesia. Lots of fans.

Unfortunately, some of the Mobile Legends players are leaked toxic players who have made the game chaotic. These child-level players were the kind of players who seemed hungry for existence. So they reveal their existence in the game. But it turns out to be toxic to others.

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So, that’s why you have to anticipate the leaky toxic players in Mobile Legends. So that the game’s life will get a better atmosphere. If the atmosphere is okay, the game will be focused and the chances of winning will be bigger.

Here are some anticipatory actions against toxic players:


This is the first way to deal with leaky toxic players. Because it is more and more ignorant, the more peaceful your gaming event will be. Honey, not everyone can be ignorant. Plus, the leaky players are often too toxic. So you have to be reprimanded.

Avoid the players from Myanmar

One of the toxic players who is currently on the rise is a player from Myanmar. For some reason, most of these players from Myanmar can be toxic. From just not being able to speak English to not wanting to be invited to form the right team.

Because of that, instead of losing in the middle of a game because Myanmar players who like AFK suddenly, it’s better to avoid players from Myanmar. Yes, not all players from Myanmar are toxic players. But instead of facing bad risks, it’s better to avoid it first.

If you want to play with players from Myanmar, try to get Myanmar players from the recommendations of other players who you know their integrity.

Turn off the mic, speaker, and chat

This method is very effective but risky. The negative effect is that you cannot coordinate with other players. Because your lines of communication are cut off. But the result can actually stop the toxic from the players.

Toxic report player

This is quite an effective way in the future. Because Moonton has made strict rules for dealing with toxic players in Mobile Legends.

All you need to do is get the toxic player’s name and ID. Then report the player in the report player feature.

Patient, not emotional, and focus

Facing a toxic leaky player is a test in itself. I mean to play Mobile Legends so I don’t get stressed but instead I meet a toxic player. Therefore, you have to really prepare your mental strength. Always try to be patient, not emotional, and focus on the game.

Just think of a toxic player as a neighbor’s dog who is hungry and asks for food. Finish your game first. Keep trying your best to face enemies and teams with toxic players.

When the game is over, immediately treat the toxic player leak in the way you want. Report to Moonton or if necessary, share your ID and name in various Mobile Legends groups or forums. Let him be blacklisted by people all over Indonesia.