Antimage Reveals One of the Reasons Why Leave ONIC Esports

The new EVOS Legends player, Antimage, revealed one of the reasons why he finally chose to leave ONIC Esports.

After the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Indonesia Season 6, there was a transfer that was quite shocking to the Indonesian Mobile Legends community by EVOS Legends.

The team with the white tiger logo brought in 2 new players, namely Antimage from ONIC Esports and LJ from Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Hoshi. Luminaire, which had taken a break, is now active again.

LJ Antimage Luminaire EVOS
Photo via: Instagram EVOS

Many are wondering, especially regarding Antimage’s move from ONIC Esports to EVOS Legends, which we know that Antimage is a senior player in the team with the yellow hedgehog logo.

Antimage also revealed one of the reasons why he left ONIC Esports when he was present on the live streaming of Nimo TV for Mobile Legends players ladies EVOS, Earl.

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ONIC Rasy Antimage

At that time Earl asked Antimage “Are you really fighting with Rasy, isn’t it okay?” Antimage replied, “Just the same as Rasy, not yet (better). It’s not like, for example, I’m getting better, I’m still on ONIC, what are I doing (going to EVOS), “

Antimage does not explain further the point of the problem and it is natural, because such problems are not for public consumption, friend RevivaL.

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