Apart from Franco and Hayabusa, Alpha Also Get a New Look!

Previously, RevivaLTV had discussed the new appearance of the figure of Franco and also Hayabusa, which later the models of the two heroes will look even more. badass more than now.

Still with the same discussion, it turns out that Alpha is also getting a new look. Based on what was found through various sources on the internet, Alpha currently has two survey models that are likely to be applied to it on update to come.

If we look at the design, Alpha’s new look does not make much difference. But the most striking part about the newest Alpha model is that it won’t be wearing a cloak.

Here’s how it looks:

alpha new look
source: dafrixkun

Even so, the armor or armor he wore became clearer. This made him look even more manly than before.

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In this new look, the hallmark of an Alpha is still thick. It seems Moonton doesn’t want to lose his true identity. Indeed, an Alpha has a story as a robot who has high fighting abilities.

Alpha will get a slightly different and fresh color, even though his name as one of the best Fighter heroes cannot be underestimated, right?

So, from the two designs above, which one will you choose?

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