Apdo: Everyone who praises ‘Faker’ is trash !.

Jeong Sang-Gil AKA Dopa, not all players know, this soloQ player from Korea is very much feared by competitive players in soloQ Korea, and China.


JeongApdo Sang-gil one of the best players in Korea with ranked 3rd and 4th Challenger in Korea for 4 seasons. He was feared among Korean competitive players when he was ranked soloQ. Dopa is famous for his skill and ability to master all champions and all lanes. Even so, he was most feared by his opponent as a MidLaner. At least Dopa have 4 accounts with the highest MMR rating: Dopa, Apdo, Dopa0, and Tar Tar ais.

Dopa use his ability to offer eloboosting(jockey Rank) to the lowest-ranked player on the Korean server. This makes pro / competitive players hate him. The amount of money that can be obtained in the eloboosting service is $ 161,000 (about 2 billion Rupiah).

During play as soloQ in Korea, Dopa received offers from several teams, one of which was the Big Team at that time (CJ Entus FrostBut he turned down the offer. He stated, working as Eloboosting on Korean servers the income is greater than that of pro / competitive players.

He once made a dark team with the name “Dark Team“, Along with some of his friends to conquer the Championship OGN. The team he created met several competitive players in Korea. However Apdo Didn’t want to enter the seventh competitive scene further, and finally the team he made was eliminated in the final.

RIOT finally banned it Apdo for 1000 years because of service Apdo against its eloboosting. A girl who is well-known in various LoL events in Korea is often a pro / competitive player. At that time ,
The girl contacted the eloboosting service (Apdo who serve him) give advance and Call him. This girl has a crush on Apdo with the lure of a down payment is more to tempt Apdo. However, at that time Apdo Already has a girlfriend and he refuses and returns the down payment for the eloboosting service to the Girl. This girl was angry and reported it to the LoL in Korea. As a result of this reporting, the main account Apdo Affected by tires until the year 3013 (1000 years) and prohibited from playing Competitive for 2 years.

September 30, 2014.During his trip in China, he reached rank 1 on the Ionian server, On his account
“Dopa and YY9088” His streak is 197 wins and 63 defeats (75% winrate).