Apex Legends First Major Postponed Due to Corona Virus

Just wanted to try to hold its first global competitive tournament this year, the Apex Legends Global Series Major which was planned to play in the city of Arlington, United States had to be postponed due to the high spread of the corona virus.

Yesterday, EA Games as the tournament hosting company released an official statement regarding the postponement of the event EA Gaming Competitive Events. In the event, there were two major esports tournaments, namely the Apex Legends Global Series Major and the FIFA 20 Global Series.

Specifically for Apex Legends, only the first Major has been postponed until an undetermined time, while the second Major will continue as planned on March 21-23.

EA Games also said that this decision was not an easy action, but for the sake of global good, the company prefers to prioritize the health level of the community, players, staff in charge and everyone involved.

Just like the IEM Katowice incident, EA Games has prepared a problem “Refund” tickets for viewers who have already purchased tickets. EA Games is also currently trying to make this announcement widely known as soon as possible in order to prevent viewers from buying travel tickets or booking lodging, because if this has been done, EA Games cannot make up for it.

As the organizer, EA Games also informed that the company is always looking for the latest information about the spread of the corona virus from both WHO and CDC as health agencies in the world.

Source: Arlington Esports Stadium

It is scheduled that many big esports teams will compete in the first Major tournament Apex Legends Today, well-known teams such as Team SoloMid, Virtus.pro, Na’Vi, INTZ and Rogue should be present to compete at Arlington Esports Stadium, but because of the corona virus this big event must be postponed.

With the postponement of the Apex Legends Major Series 1 tournament, there have also been more esports events that failed to take place due to the spread of the corona virus. Previously, IEM Katowice, PUBG Global Series Berlin, LCK, LCL, GCS and many more had to be postponed or run without a live audience.