Apex Legends Game First Launch Touches One Million Players!

Endless, one game with genre Battle Royale returns to color the world gaming industry with a newcomer, namely Apex Legends.

The game developed by Respawn, the creator of the Titanfall game series, immediately broke through fantastic numbers. They nearly broke through a total of 500,000 spectators on stream Twitch.

In addition, in their inaugural launch they had exceeded the one million player mark. Apex Legends himself plans to develop the realm of esports in the future.

Suddenly, several influencer and streamer like Michael “Shroud“Grzesiek and Guy”DrDisrespect“It turned out that Beahm had already tried the game first.

Reporting from Twitch data and statistics such as Sullygnome, TwitchTracker, and TwtichStats, Apex Legends has a total audience in the range of 491 to 495 thousand.

apex legends game
Apex Legends penetrates one million players. Source: Respawn

Since this article was written, Apex Legends is still the most watched game with a total of 147.5 thousand, followed by League of Legends with 127 thousand viewers in second place.

The presence of this game made by Respawn has further heated the Battle Royale game industry.

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how not, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 also had a chance to rock at its inaugural launch on 12 October 2018 with an audience of 449,000.

Even for a class game PUBG it took at least a few days before it hit the audience figure of 500,000.

apex legends game
Source: Respawn

However Fortnite proven to be still leading with a fantastic audience number of 840 thousand in March 2018 and 1.5 million viewers in June 2018.

Apex Legends available on PlayStation4, Xbox One as well as PC. In addition, it is rumored to be expanding to the Nintendo Switch.

If you want to play it, you can download it on Origin ‘s official page here for free! Have fun with the future concept of the Battle Royale game, and hopefully your PC is strong, wow.