Apex Legends Presents the New Legend of the Fighter, Forge!

Not felt, Apex Legends almost entering its first year therefore Respawn Entertaiment as developer will celebrate by starting Season 4 on February 4, 2020.

Season 4 will be titled “Assimilation – Reveal Your True Nature”, this was announced through the latest video Devstream. In the video, the Community Manager has confirmed the existence of legends, weapons, new battle passes and also the first birthday present Apex Legends.

It’s been a tradition for Apex Legends to present some new things and of course one of them is New Legends.

It has been confirmed by Respawn that the latest Legends are named Forge coming soon, a wrestler who has one robotic hand.

This announcement also dismisses rumors that a new legends is called Revenant whose design has been leaked in several forums. Apex Legends, one of them is on Reddit.

This is quite surprising, because previously the rumors of the new Legends were never wrong. From the start of season 1, rumor has it that Octane will be a new legend, and sure enough. Season 3 is also the same, the community has already shot Crypto will become new legends, and more events.

At this time, there are no leaks or information showing how gameplay from Forge, and what skills he has.

So far, what Forge knows is that he is a world wrestling tournament champion Apex, and He desires to be a champion too at battle royale, Apex Legends.

Source: Devstream Apex Legends

In addition to new legends, there are also new weapons named Sentinel which is part of the Sniper Rifle family. So far, Sentinel is confirmed to have an interesting special “golden” animation.

There is something different from the season 4 ranking mode, which is that the ranking mode will be divided into 2 splits. First, the map used is World’s Edge, the first split will take place from February 3 – March 23. Followed by a second split using folder Kings Canyon, the second split will start from March 24th – May 5th.

Those are some direct leaks from Respawn Entertainment regarding Season 4 Apex Legends In the future, these leaks are of course not completely yet and when season 4 is released there will be a few more surprises for the players.

Editor: Yubian Asfar