Appearing Dominant, RRQ.O2 Successfully Wins MPL Season 2 Champion Title!

After a fairly fierce battle since the first day of the match. Now MPL Season 2 has ended its series of titles and found the champion!

Yup, Rex Regum Qeon.O2 successfully won the MPL Season 2 title after an amazing performance in the final. Lemon and mates battled through upper bracket apparently success brings very brilliant results.

recap mpl season the first 2 days
Source: Jefri Sibarani

How could it not be, RRQ.O2 swept the grand final against EVOS Esports with a score of 3-0 without reply.

RRQ.O2 itself is arguably not the favorite team for the MPL Season 2. But who would have thought, instead, 2 top teams, ONIC Esports and Aerowolf Roxy, appeared disappointing in the playoffs.

Source: MPL Season 2 – RevivalTV

EVOS Esports itself was defeated by RRQ.O2 at upper bracket with a score of 2-1. As a result, JessNoLimit was forced to go down to the lower bracket to keep up the championship.

RRQ.O2’s journey was smooth until the final match and waiting for the opponent. EVOS who advanced to the final round had to beat ONIC Esports first with a fierce score, 2-1.

Source: MPL Season 2 – RevivalTV

Top Standings Surprise – MPL Season 2 Brief Recap

Source: MPL Season 2 – RevivalTV

The top standings in MPL Regular Season 2 are occupied by two teams, namely Aerowolf Roxy and ONIC Esports. They can be said to appear very consistent and carry the same points.

Then, there were 2 teams that turned out to occupy the final seats in the MPL Season 2 playoff event at the East Java Expo, Surabaya.

Yup, Aerowolf Roxy was the team that died on the first day, but the bitterness was from upper bracket until the Louvre was removed.

Source: MPL Season 2 – RevivalTV

LJ and his friends were forced to bow 2-0 by the Louvre. The game from Donkey and his friends deserves thumbs up.

The reason is, the Louvre successfully repatriated SFI Critical Esports first with a score that was also striking. But the match was not over after the Louvre returned to ‘repatriate’ the defending champion at rooster Aerowolf.

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Not much different from ONIC Esports which was also unable to perform optimally to the top match. Finally, ONIC Esports, which is strengthened by Eiduart, must submit to EVOS through a score of 2-1.

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As a result of the match ‘El Classico‘was repeated again after EVOS was defeated by RRQ.O2 with a score of 2-1 at upper bracket on the first day. Of course, EVOS carries a mission of revenge and champion after playing in the grand final of MPL Season 1.

Source: MPL Season 2 – RevivalTV

JessNoLimit and his friends played a balanced game at the start of the match. But again the rotation of a Liam outwits the EVOS game.

Not only that, EVOS Esports was made helpless with draft presented by the RRQ.O2 team. They continue to do tire to Helcurt and Claude who became a mainstay for EVOS.

The RRQ.O2 team’s winning moment. Source: MPL Season 2 – RevivalTV

Proven to be fruitful, RRQ.O2 continues to play at a tempo fast enough to beat EVOS. Behind the victory was the figure of AyamJGO who ‘carried’ his team to become the champion.

With this result, EVOS Esports has the right to be awarded the title of ‘King without a Crown’ after experiencing 2 MPL finals continuously but has not been able to win it. With this result, RRQ.O2 was also crowned champion and team Mobile Legends best in Indonesia.

Source: MPL Season 2 – RevivalTV

RRQ.O2 also has the right to bring the prestigious MPL Season 2 trophy and win the most prize portions.

1. RRQ.O2 – US $ 25,000 + US $ 7,000
2. EVOS Esports – US $ 12,000 + US $ 4,500

Not only that, RRQ.O2 also sent one of its players, namely AyamJGO as Most Valuable Player (MVP) and is entitled to bring a prize of US $ 1,000. Of course this title is deemed worthy of the new player’s brilliant game.

Source: MPL Season 2 – RevivalTV

MPL Season 2 also officially ended on the Jatim Expo stage on November 17-18 2018. After a series of MPL Regular Season which took approximately 2 months with full tension and ambition.

Moonton and RevivalTV as the organizers also thanked all related elements. Including the extraordinary enthusiasm of the Surabaya audience!

RRQ MPL Season 2 Champion
Source: MPL Season 2 – RevivalTV

Once again congratulations to RRQ.O2 who won the title of MPL Season 2. With a score of 3-0 it feels very worthy for TUTURU and his friends to bring a trophy and become a team. Mobile Legends number one in Indonesia!

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