Army Geniuses Operations Director Reveals the Reason for Changing the Dota 2 Roster

Currently the scene Dota 2 Indonesia can be said to be in the dark. Starting from several esports organizations Dota 2 which dissolved the division Dota 2 because they are considered unable to provide good performance and are “not profitable” because of the large operational costs.

In the midst of a downturn in the scene Dota 2 Indonesia, there are still Indonesian esports organizations that are still loyal and trying to form a team Dota 2 who can compete in Southeast Asia, even internationally. One of them is Army Geniuses.

This Batam-based esports organization can be said to be able to compete in the Southeast Asia region when it comes to open qualifications. The latest information says that the Army Geniuses have made changes rooster by changing their 2 players.

Army Geniuses
Source: Major Registration

The two Army Geniuses players who replaced were StarGazer (carry) and lawlesshy (support 4). To fill the vacant position, Army Geniuses brought Christian “CijeJonathan as carry and David “db-“Budiawan as offlaner, which mean woMy will be support 4.

Army Geniuses Chief Operating Officer Daniel Chen revealed the reasons behind the change rooster Army Geniuses.

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“[Pergantian roster] because it doesn’t fit well gameplay they as a team as well as differences in vision and mission, ”explained Daniel Chen to RevivalTV.

Daniel Chen also explained why in the end the choice fell to Cije and also db- to become part of the Army Geniuses.

“If according to our players, they both have skill nice individual. On the other hand they are still easy. So it is likely to develop more than now.

The rest, just try to onein chemistry and practice more for them so that they can compete with top Southeast Asian and even international teams, ”explained Daniel Chen.

Unfortunately, we can’t really see what a debut will look like yet rooster The latest from Army Geniuses is due to the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic which has made several tournaments to be rescheduled.

Editor: Yubian Asfar