Arriving in Canada, What Did Dendi Do at The International 8?

If you are an esports activist Dota 2 and don’t know the figure Dendi, maybe you have not been legally considered that way. Because for the community, the figure of Dendi is quite an iconic player, you could say Dendi = Dota 2.

However, the community was confused about the news of the player’s arrival in Vancouver, Canada.


The city where The International 8 took place also attracted the attention of a number of people, what did Dendi do at The International 8? What is clear is not playing with Na’Vi huh, wow.

It turned out that the player with the full name Danil Ishutin also participated as an invited guest for Valve. The Ukrainian national player is also present in a content made by Valve with the headline “Our Tour Vancouver with Kaci & Slacks”.

In fact, in the 8-minute video, Dendi is not the only one invited. Canadian born player, Artour “Arteezy” Babaev is also present as a player who shares his story before becoming a professional player.

Warnet or Net Cafe from Arteezy. Source: Valve

Dendi himself is on the same screen with Kaci, while Slacks comes with Arteezy. However, in the video there are no questions regarding Na’Vi’s performance or Dendi’s future.

Dendi at The International 8. Source: Valve

The short content only focuses on presenting the humorous side of Dendi & Arteezy and the beauty of Vancouver, Canada.

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For those of you who follow the Instagram account of Midlaner Natus Vincere, you might ask about the reason behind Dendi’s photo at the TI8 venue.

However, the content from Natus Vincere’s retainer is the first to appear on Valve. Before going further, it seems that Valve will certainly not waste the presence of an iconic figure from the community Dota 2 with only one content.

Valve’s content with Dendi. Source: Valve

The International 8 itself will present several exhibition matches such as the Open AI Match and All-Star Match. But it seems that the All-Star Match is not one of them, will the Ukrainian esports athlete play in the Open AI Match?

TI8 playoff schedule for the third day. Source: RevivalTV

Then how did Dendi get to be in Canada with his status as a Na’Vi player? For those of you who have missed the latest news, Natus Vincere has deactivated roster Dota 2until August 2018.

Dendi himself also appeared at The International 2017, playing a 1 on 1 match against Bot AI.

The AI ​​Bots were gathered into a team and were presented against the Human Team which contains former players Dota 2. The team that is incorporated from the caster & the analyst must be made to admit defeat, even by quite a score.

Could Dendi be a guest again at the Open AI Match event? Let’s look forward to what Valve will present on the Rogers Arena stage.