Artifact Presents New Hero That Will Be in DOTA 2 – RevivaLTV

Yesterday we reported about a new game made by Valve called Artifact, which takes the card game genre. In this article, there are some details that will be present in the game, which is due to be released in 2018.

You can read the details in the article Confirmed! Artifact Game Will Be Released This Year.

The further news is that this game which is projected as a paid game, Artifact will present a new hero which will later be in DOTA 2. As reported by IGN, Gabe Newell as the owner of Valve who is also the owner of this Artifact “product” explained in his presentation that he would there is a lot of content that came out of this game before it was implemented in DOTA 2.

Like if we focus on the image from Wykhrm Reddy below, we see a creep with long hair that is quite a question. Who is he?

But put that aside first, because some time ago a new hero was also leaked who will appear to be the 116th hero in the DOTA 2 universe.

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Returning to Artifact, Gabe Newell also said that in fact this game is not a DOTA 2 card game. However, this game is an independent card game that only takes them from DOTA 2. And later, this game will really play the role of a player vs player game. There is no single-player campaign.

Currently, Artifact is still in the closed beta phase, where only the trading card game and industry professionals can play it. And about the release, there is no definite date yet. To be sure, at the end of 2018, this game can be played on PC and mid-2019 will be released on the mobile platform. With this, Artifact will become a game with Source 2 that can be played on your cellphone.

In addition, it has also been confirmed that this game is not a free to play game. So, price is also an important question. Remember, not everyone likes to play this genre game, especially if you have to pay a price that is less friendly.