As it turns out, we can still use Iron Talon and Poor Man’s Shield!

One of the things that is quite regrettable in the DOTA 2 patch 7.07 update is the loss of 2 items that are quite the prima donna of the early game. These items are Iron Talon and Poor Man Shield. Even though DOTA 2 presents several new items, the loss of these 2 items certainly changes the meta of the game a bit.

Iron Talon, for example, this cheap item is a must-have item for junglers. Most of us know that the jungler is one of the roles which is actually an alternative role. The heroes who are usually in the jungle are also the heroes in the range. However, more and more melee heroes have filled the jungle since the presence of this item. You could say, this item is one of the items that are forbidden to use in small MMR because of the tendency to take jungle heroes rather than filling lanes.

Meanwhile, what about the Poor Man Shield? This upgrade item from Stout Shield somehow suddenly followed in the footsteps of Iron Talon to be eliminated. In fact, this small item is quite influential for carry heroes who not only need a damage block but also some statistics to make laning easier.

Iron Talon – Poor Man’s Shield Removed

Whatever happens, the show must go on. The jungle became deserted, the carry began to choose other items in the early game. This is part of the change. However, secretly, someone apparently found a way so that we can use these two items again. How come? How to?

A netizen named Rifki Mirza shares his trick. He tried it in Demo Hero. By using a cheat, he can bring up these two items.

For Iron Talon, we can type -item iron_talon. As for Poor Man’s Shield, we can type -item poor.

What is unique is that these two items are different from the previous version. Iron Talon now even gives HP regeneration of +2. Meanwhile, Poor Man’s Shield is the active-passive item.

Curious? You can watch the video below.

So, do you think that these two items will return with new functions? Or, is this just a small bug?

But other than that, if this item returns with the above function, how will you respond?