As predicted, LeBronDota Complete the Natus Vincere Roster!

Lately, there are indeed many teams large and small starting to make changes to the roster, considering the deadline for the last roster lock before The International 2018 which was already in sight.

However, we don’t often see teams that look strong and solid enough but still make roster changes, and this is what happened to one of the teams with the biggest fanbase in Indonesia, namely Natus Vincere.

Initially the first surprise news came when RodjEr reportedly left the Na’Vi roster and moved to Virtus Pro, instead of Lil from Virtus Pro who would enter the Na’Vi roster. In fact, based on the performance of Natus Vincere behind, RodjEr is one of the players who has a big impact, or let’s say that he has an important role for Na’Vi. announced-pertchange-pemain/

But that does not mean ignoring the performance of Lil who is considered very experienced in the Dota 2 scene, plus Natus Vincere is considered to have greatly benefited from the DPC points they got thanks to Lil’s entry. The Na’Vi ranking immediately jumped to position 5.

Then another surprise news emerged that one of the other Natus Vincere support players left the team, namely SoNNeikO. In contrast to RodjEr, who talked to Lil, SoNNeikO reportedly left because his contract period had expired then management preferred to replace him with a new player. announced-pengganti-5-februari/

As per Na’Vi’s promise, they will announce the new player on February 5, last night around 22:00 to 23:00, Na’Vi announced the new player is LeBronDota.

This is nothing new, because LeBron previously helped Na’Vi as a Standin for the CIS Qualifier – GESC Indonesia Minor. And thanks to his outstanding performance, Na’Vi managed to get a slot to the Indonesia Minor Main Event.

Other surprise info, it turns out that LeBron is a big fan of Natus Vincere and has idolized the team since he started watching Dota 2 at The International in 2011. And he thinks this is a dream come true, all his impressions are conveyed through official posts on the Natus web. Vincere.


Wow, based on his statement, it really looks like LeBron is indeed a big fan of Natus Vincere, and hopefully with his dream come true it will bring Na’Vi back to the top position. Goodluck LeBron, Goodluck Natus Vincere.