Astralis Collaborates with Boomeo, an Esports Training Site

With advances in technology, of course, learning to be a pro player in the world of esports is no longer a difficulty. Lots of sites that offer to make it easier for us to learn strategies and how to play pro players.

One of them is Boomeo, who yesterday announced his collaboration with one of CS: GO’s successful teams, Astralis. In recent times, this team has started to attract many sponsors and has started to produce several achievements.

In fact, before being with Astralis, it turned out that Boomeo had also collaborated first with SK Gaming, Cloud9, compLexity, Counter Logic Gaming, and G2 Esports. In fact, Boomeo is only as old as corn, after being released last March.

By joining Atralis, of course they will provide some content related to Booomeo. Keeping in mind, Boomeo also has several game mods and servers that can be used for practicing.