Astralis Receives IEM Sydney 2017 Invitation Slot

After the latest announcement from IEM Sydney 2017, ESL has previously announced that the 2 selected teams will get invitation slots, namely SK Gaming and Renegades, and after this announcement Astralis will become the third invitation team at IEM Sydney 2017 to have a total prize pool of $ 200,000 USD which will be held in May 6-7 2017. Eight slots are available at the tournament, 6 out of 8 will be drawn from the international while the other 2 will be drawn from the China and Oceanic qualifiers.

Astralis will participate in IEM Sydney after undergoing several spectacular events. They not only won the ELEAGUE Major, recently they also managed to occupy the first position at the last IEM Katowice. The performance of this team is in a very, very good condition, but recently Nicolai “device” Reedtz is in an unhealthy state, with a malfunctioning device, they are forced to use the spare at the upcoming IEM Sydney where the reserve they will use is the coach. from Astralis himself, namely Danny “zonic” Sørensen.

The following 3 teams received invitations: